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Large Unique Weldment Port – Modified M200 Heavy Duty Machine Base

At American Grinding and Machine, we provide quality craftsmanship and precision engineering in one unique package. Through our six decades of manufacturing experience and a fabrication setup that establishes as one of the largest flat grinding shops in the country, we are able to deliver capability, value, and attention to detail without compromise. Additionally, our state-of-the-art welding facility and a steel warehouse stocked with plates fitting for many demanding applications ensures that we have the manufacturing power needed to power your commercial and industrial-grade projects.

We were recently contracted by an automation-industry customer to build a type of large unique weldment, a modified M200 heavy-duty machine base. 144” long, this large base would be challenging or cost-prohibitive for most other manufacturers. We were selected explicitly for our past work with machine bases as well as our ability to perform process painting post-fabrication. The end user deployed this weldment base as part of their pallet loading systems manufacturing process.

The large weldment base was manufactured using welding, grinding, machining, and painting processes. Grinding was enabled by a Rotary Blanchard-type grinder, which was perfect for grinding the broad top surface of the weldment down to 63 Micro. HR Steel was chosen for the built material, able to present good surface hardness along with excellent bulk strength. Tolerances were held to ±0.002” per foot, and a total of 14 examples were manufactured. Fabrication steps were planned around the client’s original CAD dimensioned drawings, ensuring that we could follow then closely. The client also elected sandblasting, thermal stress relieving, and large blanchard grinding for related work.

The complete project was finished and delivered on a quick lead time of only 5 weeks. The client was very pleased with the work rendered, and has retained us for repeat business for several years. Once again, our reputation for quality and capability has created enduring loyalty within our customer field.

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Unique Weldment Specifications

Product Description
Modified M200 Heavy Duty Machine Base
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Primary: Welding, Grinding

Secondary: Machining, Painting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part
Rotary Blanchard Grinder,
Overall Part Dimensions
Tightest Tolerances
Flt within .002/ft
Material Used
HR Steel
Material Finish
63 Micro on top plate
Industry for Use
Delivery/Turnaround Time
5 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name
Model 200 Heavy Duty Machine Base
Why did you choose this project to show case?
It shows a custom weldment with machining of the top plate.