We were recently contracted to build a standard type of weldment, a modified M100 heavy duty machine base. This required creation and handling of a large quantity of steel, with the final design measuring 144” on one side and possessing a high precision ground surface. Although this is a standard grinding project, the client chose us due to our well established reliability and quality standards versus the competition. Furthermore, we were able to paint the final product as needed by the customer for safety code compliance.

The weldment base was created using a combination of steel cutting, welding, grinding, and process painting steps. HR steel, possessing the strength and surface hardness needed for this application, was delivered from our on-site steel plate storage and cut to dimensions of 27” by 144” by 1” and 25-3/4”. The top mounting surface was then ground down to 63 micro with a design tolerance of ±0.002” per foot. Performance inspection and delivery prep followed. A total of four examples were manufactured.

Thanks to our expertise in handling large designs while imparting the desired dimensional accuracy, we were able to complete this project in only 4-5 weeks. Our standard machine base, modified to fulfill the customer’s end-use needs, was a faster and more cost-effective solution versus conventional full custom machining. The customer now returns to us for their machine bases and other precision work.

We invite you to consider the impacts our integrated manufacturing facility, history of work, and reputation in capabilities has for your project needs. Feel free to see the details below and contact us to learn more about our services.

Standard Weldment Specifications

Product Description

Custom Machine Base

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Primary: Steel Cutting, Welding
Secondary: Grinding, Painting

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Rotary Blanchard Grinder

Overall Part Dimensions

27 x 144 x 1 x 25-3/4

Tightest Tolerances

Flat within .002/ft.

Material Used

HR Steel

Material Finish

Blanchard ground to 63 Micro

Industry for Use

Material Pallet Handling Equipment



Delivery/Turnaround Time

4-5 weeks

Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

Product Name

Modified M100 Heavy Duty Machine Base

Why did you choose this project to show case?

It shows the versatility of our standard machine bases with a custom top plate.