• They’re fabricated with exacting precision from start to finish.
  • They require less engineering time; all you need to do is fill out a Brute Data Sheet with your machining specifications.
  • They’re available in four standard models that can be customized to suit your needs. Click the links below the product images for downloading.
  • They’re always competitively priced.
  • They can accommodate special burnouts or other modifications.
  • All top plates are Blanchard ground to a flatness of .002 per linear foot.
  • All welds are dressed.
  • All mounting pads are drilled and tapped.
  • Finished surfaces are treated with rust-inhibitive oil.
  • Unfinished surfaces are shot blasted and painted.
  • All bases are protectively packed for shipment worldwide.

BRUTE Lite Machine Bases

The Brute Lite is our most economical base because it is made with welded formed side walls construction.

The walls are made out of either 11 gauge or 3/16 inch thick steel. and has a standard Blanchard ground top plate. It is shot blasted and painted gray enamel. The foot pads are standard and they are drilled and tapped for your convenience.

Many options are available and this base can be customized to your specifications and requirements.

Brute Bases can be built with optional features, including:

  • Mattison surface ground for greater precision
  • Coolant troughs
  • Bolted top plates mounted to ground-mating surfaces
  • Aluminum or stainless steel tops
  • Side panels, doors and shelves
  • Lifting holes or slots
  • Casters
  • Special paint or enamel primer
  • Whatever is required to meet your needs
  • Forklift tubes